2003 (#30) May/Jun


Issue #30, May/June 2003.

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This time we’re featuring the Montgomery 23 (truly a cult boat), reviewing a Nicholson 31 and a Rob Roy 23, and fixing up a Chrysler S-27. On the serious side is a tiller-to-wheel conversion by Norman Ralph and Phillip Reid and a look at modifications that might keep you sailing into old age by Don Launer. Ted Brewer’s searching for quality (it’s in the construction), and Bill Burr’s telling us how to clean our boats. Don Launer (truly a busy guy in this issue!) discusses winch maintenance and the art of rowing. On the light side, we’ve got a profile of Mark Ellis by Dan Spurr, another one of Yves Gelinas of Cape Horn Marine Products, contemplations about the advantages of buying a smaller boat for cruising and the reasons to keep a boat even when the kids can’t sail with you, and beautiful seascapes by Pat O’Driscoll as the center spread. In the final Reflections page, Alfred Poor tells of the satisfaction of the early launch. What’s more? Simple Solutions include a nifty anchor rode bag for the foredeck, and faux bronze for that traditional look. Quick and Easy has an outboard motor hoist to assist in getting that prop out of the water and thumbs up for these three products: Weems & Plath GPS Plotter, Boye Boat Knife, and the Weekend ‘R Deluxe duffel bag.

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