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This month we take a look at the Allied Seawind ketch sailed by Don Casey, tell of Renee’s restoration, and profile the Hallberg-Rassy company. Guy Stevens builds his own watermaker, John Ditzler does a stern tube replacement, Theresa Fort turns a home sewing machine into a macho sailmaker’s tool, and Ted Brewer makes you want a motorsailer. We have a lot of fun with the boat of the year contests held by other magazines, do a profile of master rigger Brion Toss, and take a look at sailing into our 70s and 80s. Chuck Campbell’s photo spread of Maine is breathtaking, Barbara Wyatt chronicles a Scout dinghy refurbishing project, and John Phillips tells of the Monte J which went cruising without a crew. We tell of the third annual Good Old Boat Regatta in Annapolis, feature heaving to and making your own folding bike as Simple Solutions, and discuss a stern boarding gate and removable trailer lights as Quick and Easy projects. There’s more, of course.


In this issue we start our regular reviews of a trailerable boat (the San Juan 21 leads off) in addition to our review of a larger one (the Contessa 32) and our feature boat (the Bristol 24 is featured this time). We review the history of the Chris-Craft sailboats (it was brief but significant nonetheless). Getting technical, Aussie Bray talks about propellers, Ted Brewer talks about twin-fin sailboats, Phillip Reid replaces his portlights, Gord May discusses Ohm’s law, John Karklins looks at a successful sheathing project done in the 1970s and still going strong, and Gregg Nestor reminds trailer sailors about the importance of the trailer. Just for fun we’ve got a profile of marine author John Vigor, an essay about lessons learned while sailing single-handed by Jill Knight, a fireside chat with Ted Brewer about his days at the Luders’ Yard, gorgeous photos by Michael Kahn, winter sailing by Butch Evans, great humor by Sally Cole, and Reflections on “The Shipwright Principle” by Dan McDougal. Simple solutions include advanced swigging and also ventilation. Quick and easy projects include a couple of ditch kits and a look at soda blasting to remove bottom paint.


This time we’re featuring the Montgomery 23 (truly a cult boat), reviewing a Nicholson 31 and a Rob Roy 23, and fixing up a Chrysler S-27. On the serious side is a tiller-to-wheel conversion by Norman Ralph and Phillip Reid and a look at modifications that might keep you sailing into old age by Don Launer. Ted Brewer’s searching for quality (it’s in the construction), and Bill Burr’s telling us how to clean our boats. Don Launer (truly a busy guy in this issue!) discusses winch maintenance and the art of rowing. On the light side, we’ve got a profile of Mark Ellis by Dan Spurr, another one of Yves Gelinas of Cape Horn Marine Products, contemplations about the advantages of buying a smaller boat for cruising and the reasons to keep a boat even when the kids can’t sail with you, and beautiful seascapes by Pat O’Driscoll as the center spread. In the final Reflections page, Alfred Poor tells of the satisfaction of the early launch. What’s more? Simple Solutions include a nifty anchor rode bag for the foredeck, and faux bronze for that traditional look. Quick and Easy has an outboard motor hoist to assist in getting that prop out of the water and thumbs up for these three products: Weems & Plath GPS Plotter, Boye Boat Knife, and the Weekend ‘R Deluxe duffel bag.


In this issue we’ve got boats of all sizes: a Victoria 18 is the feature boat, the South Coast 22 is the trailersailer review boat, and the Santana 35 is the other review boat. A Teak Lady gets a refit, too. You wanted technical? Ted Brewer talks about accommodation plans and layout, Dean Hedstrom replaces his fixed ports, Brian Gilbert makes canvas handrail covers, and Suzanne Giesemann discusses troubleshooting. Hugh Straub cleans out an Atomic 4, Janet Groene talks about canning foods, Gregg Nestor presents a cloud chart and discusses weather prediction, Don Launer starts a new basics column called Depth Sounders 101 (more on other subjects in future issues), and Simon Hill tells us about fire protection, specifically about fire extinguishers. Looking for lighter fare? We’ve got a profile of yacht designer Bill Crealock, a cruising memory to raise your eyebrows by Scott Thurston, a photo spread of beautiful traditional yachts by Caryn Davis, news of more Good Old Boat racing events, and a humorous look at stowage problems (his and hers) for cruisers by Nikki Perryman. Madison Blackwell tells about what are for him the essentials of happiness. What else? Simple solutions offers ventilated shelving, galley tips, and a composting head (the Air Head Dry Toilet). Quick and Easy offers a GPS mount, a cockpit locker or lazarette divider, a runaway engine plug, and cruising trashcans.


The September issue is jam-packed, as usual. Boats include the Nonsuch 26, the Com-Pac 23, and the Bristol 35.5. We also have Len Schwab’s modification of a large wooden racing stallion (Improbable) to a single-handed cruiser. Along technical lines, we’ve got: autopilots, the conversion of a forward water tank to a chain locker, Ted Brewer’s discussion of the Comfort Ratio, all about tides, a lovely nesting dinghy, Marine-Band 101, choosing a trailerable boat, and a diesel mystery solved. Just for fun, we added a profile of Bill Garden written by one of his many “mentorees,” Bob Perry. We look at chartering and alternatives, John McCann writes of seeking perfection when buying a boat, and Marilyn Palley and Reese look at the end of a long relationship with their boat, Unlikely. The cover and centerspread are knockouts, if you’re into boat dogs (and who isn’t?). Simple Solutions include an accessible bilge pump, a shower solution, and some interesting plotting tools. Quick and Easy solutions are an emergency starting button, a new kind of winch cover, doubling your muscle, and a easy way to clean up when doing small paint or varnish jobs.
The November issue is another thick one. Boats include the Cape George 38, the Eastward Ho 31, and the Chrysler 22. A Hinckley 38 gets a refit and we review the history of Tartan Yachts. On the serious side we’ve got Ted Brewer on center cockpit and pilothouse sailboats, Paul Esterle (Capt’n Pauley to some of us) on paneling the overhead, and Chuck Fort on wind generators. Gregg Nestor talks about finding the right (maybe even used) sailboat trailer and Don Launer builds a sturdy hard dodger of fiberglass. The 101 series article is on alternators. On the fun side there’s Reese Palley on coastal cruising, a profile of designer Bruce Kirby, and Cruising Memories articles about life jackets, dolphins, and discovering your dream boat. The photo spread by Richard Coberly is breathtaking. The Reflections essay focuses on navigation (Where the heck are we, anyway?). What’s more? Simple Solutions include an affordable powered winch, an update on Trex as a substitute for teak decking (it’s working out!), and a quick fix while underway for an exhaust leak. Quick and Easy articles include using wire ties as fasteners when trailering, fixing deck leaks with Captain Tolley’s Creeping Crack Cure, making a new kind of mooring buoy pickup, and reeving a halyard. There’s more, too. Clearly we have something for
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