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The January/February issue covers the Lazy Jack 32, the Islander Freeport 36, the Freedom 25, and the refit of a Paceship Westwind 24. We focus on standing rigging, anchoring, equipping for solo voyaging, converting a quarter berth to a cockpit locker, emergency supplies, and Solar Panels 101. We profile Phil Rhodes and Triton refitter Tim Lackey. Bonnie Dahl tells how to make canned meat for long-term cruising. Simple Solutions covers kedging and warping. Quick and Easy bits include making new cushion covers, a simple bilge alarm, and a cockpit GPS holder. And there’s more besides.


The March/April issue is simply gorgeous. If you’re a fan of Jim DeWitt, you’ve gotta’ have this one with a DeWitt cover and center spread. Boats include the Alberg 30, Seafarer 30, Columbia 33 and 36, and a Cape Dory Typhoon refit. The themes in our serious articles include thunderstorms, drawbridges, apparent wind, marine radar, heads, pilot rails, surface-mounted ports, and Galley Stoves 101. For fun there’s a great article on cruising kids who’ve grown up, Murphy’s Law of boating, systems that work when cruising, relics left aboard by previous owners, HIN numbers, and that hankering to get out there cruising. Quick and Easy and Simple Solutions articles deal with a tiller holder, fruit flies, no-see-ums (notice a trend here?), a sheared stud, a winch handle holder, Le Tonkinois varnish, and a bilge pump counter.


The May issue is busy-busy (like your intrepid, inspired, and somewhat breathless editors). Boats include a Newport 30, the San Francisco Pelican, a Fairey Atalanta 26 (no ordinary boat!), and a refit of a Scorpio 35. We tell the history of the Pacific Seacraft Company and then go on to these subjects: reducing the weight of the hardware on that flogging headsail, Hal Roth’s propeller improvement on his Spencer 35, the secrets of the universe (really), building an onboard greenhouse, salad substitutes in case you don’t make the greenhouse, Nautical Time 101, building a hard dodger, confessions of a bottom feeder, a crack on the noggin (but in your best interests — we’re not kidding), and a center spread with scenes from a sailboat. Quick and Easy articles include using tires as fenders (but classy), spreader chafe guards, and the SplicingNut. Simple Solutions include a do-it-yourself sun cover for a roller-furling jib and the admiralty hitch. We added a new products page this issue also. Just reading this list exhausts us all over again. Have a look at the real copy. You’ll see.


This issue includes refit articles (coincidentally) about a Pearson 36 and about a Pearson 365, reviews of a Hughes 25 and a Nonsuch 30, and an article by Ted Brewer comparing Slocum’s Spray with two other circumnavigators. To keep you thinking, we added articles on navigating locks, precautions to consider when cooking with propane, fixing a sticky rudder, a report on ongoing modifications to a cruising boat, how to build a 3-way settee/berth, and Mainsail Handling 101.For fun we add a profile of Will Lesh, who builds model sailboats, a focus on the LOWISA regatta, cheeses that will go the distance, sailing across the Atlantic with eight young children (What was he thinking? And he’d do it again!), a Lake Superior center spread, and a Reflections piece remembering sailing on a day when no one should have been out (what joy!). We also add a cure for anchor-line chafe, the Tool Leash, and halyard chocks as Quick and Easy articles and building your own cradle and downsizing your outboard as Simple Solutions articles.


As usual, we’re big on boats: Ranger 28, Searunner 31, Paceship PY 23, a Pearson 365 named Maruska, and John Guzzwell’s Trekka. There’s installing an inboard engine, repowering small boats, everything you wanted to know about moon phases, hurricane post-trauma syndrome, Dorades, Cabin Heaters 101, and adjusting standing rigging.We’ve got a couple of Cruising Memories pieces for fun, babies aboard, and the Port Townsend Wooden Boat Festival. Add to that a guest editorial by Don Casey and Quick and Easy articles about sander disk stowage, a furler fix, side curtains for the Bimini, adding extra seat in the cabin, and a forgotten knot. Simple Solutions focus on a portable refrigerator and heaving lines. And still there’s more!
Blimey! Have we got boats afloat! There’s the Allegra 24, the Islander 28, a Pearson Triton refit, Maruska’s continuing saga, and a Beneteau Oceanis 390 cruising testbed. We remember designer Bill Tripp fondly, talk about preventing seasickness (is that really possible?), replacing chainplates, improving a dinette table, making a classy electrical panel, weaving rope mats, and installing an anchor windlass. There’s also a quick look at auxiliary propulsion systems: Iron Wind 101.We also include a love story and a cruising wife’s memories of the aggravating early days of cruising. There are the usual quick and easy articles, simple solutions, new products, and a whole lot more! Hop aboard!
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