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It seems that we can never get enough boats. This issue features the sister of Finisterre, the Irwin Citation 31, the Tanzer 7.5, the refit of a Chrysler 22, and profiles Catalina 22 legend Beattie Purcell.When thoughts turn to serious matters, they include: avoiding engine failure in rough seas, Ted Brewer on the four basic elements of yacht design, a neat cabin modification, Lin Pardey on raincatchers, Standing Rigging 101, rope-to-chain splices, and an extensive fiberglass repair.For fun we discuss the matter of involving women in our sailing activities, profile Samson Ropes, discuss smart boat-buying, and wait impatiently for spring.There’s more. Quick and Easy articles about a new stopper knot, Toofypegs, and rust-free tools and Simple Solutions focusing on making lifeline cushions and restoring luster to the deck.


The March issue has boats! They include the J/30, O’Day 272, Islander 30, and a Kittiwake 23 refit.And technical stuff: make a thread grabber, sail with one sail, deal with currents, make emergency portlight covers, name your boat, make a mooring system, and fix your dodger windows. Also: boats that deal with disappearing water, what you need to know about navigation lights, and Reefing and Furling Jibs 101.For fun? Buying and selling on eBay (but watch out), two loves united, boatyard fishbowl, and child overboard (well, losing a child wasn’t all that much fun, but it worked out in the end).What’s more: Simple Solutions for controlling condensation beneath your bunk and Quick and Easy fixes for a better boathook, a rigger’s gauge, an extending trailer tongue, and a paper-towel holder for the head.MAY/JUNE 2007
Boats large and small include the Portland Pudgy sailing dinghy, Yamaha 25, Pearson 36, and a Jeanneau 40-something (don’t ask).When we get serious there’s the schooner rig, a bow trim casting replacement, roller furling, flexible grating, a creative waterlift muffler, Anchor Sentinels 101, and the need for boat brokers.Just for fun, an excerpt from The Solitude of the Open Sea (which is available as a book and audiobook), longing for a former boat, night sailing, looking for sea life, and model radio-controlled Lasers.And furthermore: rudder stops, the jug sling or hackamore knot, an all-purpose domelight, cockpit chart use, and another use for PlasTeak.JULY/AUGUST 2007
Boats? We’ve got ’em: the Allmand 31, the Hunter 28.5, and the Tartan 34 Classic, along with a primer on buying a bluewater-capable boat by Beth Leonard and a profile of Allan Nye Scott, builder of Albergs and Contessas.Technical articles focus on engine lubrication, insulating the hull, dockside air conditioning, satellites for sailors, the highwayman’s cutaway knot, and Wind Terminology 101.For fun we’ve got a look at hard dinghies, bread baking aboard, several great cruising memories, and a solo sailor’s photo spread (Charles Scott is not your average solo sailor!).What’s more? keeping a spare fuel can on deck but out of trouble, increasing galley space with a fold-up leaf, a simple companionway vent, and using a clinometer to check trim.

Sailboats include reviews of the Contessa 35 and the Pearson Ensign along with the story of a break-your-heart gorgeous homebuilt catboat.

Tech pieces include boat tarps, non-skid, carving wooden nameboards, Fire Extinguishers 101, hull liners, engine coolants, and Part 2 of Beth Leonard’s treatise on buying a bluewater-capable boat.

Just for fun: Trekka Round the World excerpt and a couple of delightful Cruising Memories.

And furthermore there’s building cockpit floorboards, reinforcing the mainsail, keeping books on their shelf, creating a navigation tool rack, and sunshade material for the cockpit.

Sailboats of interest include the Cal 30, the Catalina 30, and a handful of delightful tenders with emphasis on the Seahopper and other folders.

Technically speaking we’ve got Docklines 101, Beth Leonard (Part 3), a settee and table conversion, an inexpensive electrical system that works, and how to have a hot shower in a small boat.

For fun there are articles about sailing school, saving old wooden boats, closing a workshop, photos of Chesapeake Bay, and hauling a boat out for the winter.

What’s more: a simple man overboard ladder, easy varnish scraping, wedges to quiet sliding doors, a storage solution for large spaces, and a clever anchor chain cleaner.

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