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Get the collection of the Good Old Boat magazine 2009 issues.Available only as a download of PDF files.

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Issue highlights: Practice defensive sailing, breathe easier on your boat, maintain your iron keel, and buy a boat within your budget. We’ll also show you how to signal for help. We review the O’Day 28 and Tartan 37 and we give you an inside look at the refit of Pearson Ariel hull #1.Lighter fare Heal any injuries with a watertight first-aid kit, learn what makes a happy ship, and read how one clever father made a sailor out of a reluctant 7-year old. Don’t miss our love story about how a dinghy wedding gift (built during the honeymoon!) fit beautifully into one couple’s plans . . . even when they became a threesome.


Issue highlights: Fit your propeller, fix your deck, raise your mast with ease, and maintain an integral water tank. We’ll also show you how to keep power wherever you land plug in at the dock no matter where you wind up for the night. And we review the Tartan 3000 and Grampian 26 and look at a singular affair with the Pacific Seacraft 25.Lighter fare: Take time to listen to the water, tame the jigsaw and stop that nasty moving muddy water that collects on the side rail. Read how you can enjoy sailing with any size boat: it’s not the size that makes the experience. And don’t miss our tips on how to get rid of those no-so-good old-boat smells.


Issue highlights: Build a hatch from scratch, book some space with a new cabin bookcase and learn how to log the weather. We’ll show you how to navigate the world from your laptop with Google Earth. And we review the Newport 28 and O’Day 26.Lighter fare: Experience the first 10,000 miles with a would-be circumnavigator. Read about treasure finding, treasured memories and the treasured bond between a father and son and son and boat. And don’t miss the advice from one of America’s best-known cruising authors.JULY/AUGUST 2009
Issue highlights: The light-air, versatile Code Zero sail, new non-skid on an old deck, equipment you never hope to use, binnacles and compasses, and some simple hatch screens. Reviews of the Alberg 35 and Ericson 32-III.Lighter fare: A large family has big adventures in a small boat. Ten things you could take off the must have list for cost effective coastal cruising. Buy or sell: the ins and outs about a boat auction. And of course, much, much more.SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2009
Issue highlights: A wood-burning cabin heater article, cooling your diesel engine, all about lazy jacks, making your good old hardware shine like new and safeguarding your boat with electronic vapor detectors. Reviews of the Hinckley Bermuda 40 and the Com-Pac 19.Our new columnist, Bob Perry, defines the lines and words of the cruising sailboat’s hull.

Lighter fare: Single handing a Tartan 33 to Grenada with a boat comparison by Ted Brewer. When good old boats were young and a first time skipper docking in a storm. A couple of simple solutions, a few quick and easys and, of course, loads of more great stuff!

November issue highlights: Fire!, DIY boat cushions, a cruiser’s checklist, refit of a Catatina 27. Ted Brewer compares the Ericson Cruising 31. Reviews of the Cal 2-27 and the Montego 20. Maintenance tips on lifelines, bilge pumps and seacocks.

Bob Perry shows us that a boat’s bow says a lot about her behavior.

Lighter fare: a Thanksgiving cruise, sailing instead of school?, a first storm story, a temporary table, a classic dream boat and, of course, loads of more great stuff!

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