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Get the collection of the Good Old Boat magazine 2013 issues. Available only as a download of PDF files.

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January/February issue highlights: Reviews of the O’Day 37 and Capri 25 and an Irwin 32 refit.

Speaking seriously: Spreaders 101, Rebedding chainplates, Dorade box covers, Good old offshore-cruising boats, A boat goes down in flames, Galvanic isolator, Compass errors by Don Launer.

Lighter fare: Havasu Pocket Cruisers Convention, Hurricane on the Hudson, A passion for the Cal 25, Simple solutions: Water by gravity and Multitasking companionway step, Quick and easy: Hose wrench and Green stain be gone, and The view from here: A question of upholstery.

March/April issue highlights: Feature story about Cadenza, a Catalina 27, reviews of the Cal 39 Mk II, and a Sonate 28 refit.

Speaking seriously: Draft Adjusters 101, Once upon a leg o’ mutton, Steering-wheel extension, Coachwhipping the wheel, From iNstruction manuals to iNventory, A mock-up shows the way, Making new lifelines, and Resurfacing cockpit seats.

Lighter fare: Rescuing boats, A Beatle to windward, Sent from my iCoconut, Simple solutions: Sitting pretty and comfy, Quick and easy: A lesson in lettering and Super bands for security, New product launchings, and The view from here: What do our readers want?

May/June issue highlights: Reviews of the C&C 34+ and MacGregor 26X , and a Watkins 27 refit.

Speaking seriously: The Cunningham 101, Fire aboard, Louvers made easy, Maximizing stowage, Weather in pictures, Mast-raising magic, A multi-tasking seacock, A mast boot for all seasons, and Replacing rudder bearings.

Lighter fare: Salvaging a dream, The last voyage, Simple solutions: Poor man’s vacuum bag, Quick and easy: Shrouds in hosiery and Hatch covers, New product launchings, and The view from here: The design spiral.

July/August issue highlights: Features on the Morgan 34 & Westerly Centaur, C&C 30 Mk I review.

Speaking seriously: The Chart datum and GPS 101, Keel/centerboard evolution by Rob Mazza, Matt Rutherford’s next adventure, Repowering a saildrive, Tight and tidy sails, Dorade boxes, A cruiser’s toolbox, Courtesy flags on the fly.

Lighter fare: Across Islands and Oceans, Getting hooked on sailing, Reflections: What is “good”?, New product launchings, Simple solutions: Homemade bottom cleaner, Quick and Easys: Don’t sink by the head and Deck shoe lace locks, The view from here: Ninety and counting.

September/October issue highlights: Reviews of the Pearson 34-2 and Gemini 105M, and an Ericson 27 refit.

Speaking seriously: Standing Rigging Terminals 101, Defining a pilothouse by Rob Mazza, Sail plans for cruising, Shakedown shakeout, Tabletop turnaround, Cabin sole do-over, Bottom sanding, Cross-country clipper, A better boat tarp.

Lighter Fare: Readers answer our “photo call”, Initiation by squall, Reflections: Fall cruise, Simple solutions: Outboard-motor maintenance, Quick and Easys: A swinging iPad, Bespoke autopilot, and Taming the fenders, The view from here: Sailboats . . . where was I?

November/December issue highlights: Reviews of the O’Day 322 and Hunter 29.5 and a Chris Craft Capitan refit.

Speaking seriously: Windvane Steering 101, Pilothouses and performance by Rob Mazza, Hurricane aftermath: OK, what now?, Ratio rationale, A replacement lift pump, Keeping diesel dry, An antenna post as art, Single-step boarding ladder, Hull envy

Lighter fare: Reviving a passion and a boat, New product launchings, Reflections: Boatyard ghosts, Simple solutions: Better leecloths, Quick and Easys: Instant whisker pole and Selvagees to the rescue, The view from here: Perils of the chartplotter

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