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January/February highlights: Mimosa, a Vineyard Vixen 34, Vineyard Vixen 34 comparison by Rob Mazza, C&C Mega 30

Speaking seriously: AIS 101, Adding a DC electrical circuit, How sailboat rudders evolved by Rob Mazza, Dead in the water, Simplify sail changes, Bottom-up head rebuild, How to coax your VHF, Rebuilding a deck, Part 2, Over-the-top blocks . . ., Cloth entryway solutions, Bimini window treatment

Lighter fare: A ton of magazines, Finding Heidi, Reflections: Stars in the water, Simple solutions: Instrument sun cover, Quick and Easys: Luff foil protection and Ablution solution, The view from here: Milestones

March/April highlights: Quest, an Irwin 32 feature boat, Irwin 32 comparison by Rob Mazza, West Wight Potter 19 review, Pearson 365 ketch review, Finisterre looks back

Speaking seriously: Wiring Terminals101, An engine with a fever, G-10 steps up, A tiller-friendly cockpit table, Anchoring when solo, part 1, Dinghy power hoist, Shower power, An inlaid table, Renewing the headliner

Lighter fare: All overboard, Our readers’ boat photos, Knotmeter conundrum, Reflections: Yearning for the ocean blue, Simple solutions: Boat-bike saddlebags, Quick and Easys: Securing solar deck lights and Silence those halyards, The view from here: Blue and yellow

May/June highlights: Ericson 34 review, Rhodes 22 review, Chris-Craft 35 refit

Speaking seriously: Boarding Ladders 101, Keel evolution by Rob Mazza, Progress through procrastination, When halyard sheaves go bad, Anchoring when solo, Part 2, Cruising in the Bay of Islands, Marine electrical soldering, A bowsprit for its own sake, Engine-saving alarm

Lighter fare: A gentlemen’s raft, Late-season challenge, Reflections: Stop! Hey, what’s that sound?, Simple solutions: Transom platform, Quick and Easys: Multi-purpose cushions and An inexpensive dock cleat, The view from here: Pardey time

July/August highlights: Chris-Craft Sail Yacht 35 feature, Cape Dory Typhoon review, Pacific 30 refit

Speaking seriously: The Gunter Rig 101, Keel evolution Part 2 by Rob Mazza, Why sails fail, Nurdle’s new centerboard, Head makeover, Electrical connections, AIS for the rest of us, Inverter essentials

Lighter fare: That sinking feeling, There’s no hiding added weight . . ., Reflections: Meeting Pendragon’s liveaboards, Simple solutions: Battery Catch 22, Quick and Easys: Continuous rope loop and Night light, The view from here: Slippery slope

September/October highlights: Precision 23 review, Cape Dory 27 review

Speaking seriously: Rowing a Hard Dinghy 101, In fond memory of Don Launer, Keel evolution Part 3 by Rob Mazza, Bug barriers, Troubleshooting engine gauges, To sew or not to sew, Cool package, Holding tank harmony, Heading off odors, Replacing a water tank

Lighter fare: Readers favorite boat pictures, A new (old) boat comes home, Reflections: What’s in a boat’s name?, Simple solutions: Cooking by induction, Quick and Easys: A bright new cove stripe and Storage in small places, The view from here: There’s no place like home

November/December highlights: Mug Up, a 46-foot Bowman yawl feature, MacGregor 26D review

Speaking seriously: Mainsail Reefing 101, Anchor windlass remote, The ship’s log, When a rudder needs replacing, Sailing for love and money, Sail-repair essentials, Rollaway square sail, Taming a hanked-on headsail

Lighter fare: Loving Scarlett, Battery à la carte, Reflections: A eulogy to Johnson, Simple solutions: A portable vise, Quick and Easys: Dinghy doormat and A see-through hatchboard, The view from here: Sailing with ice

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