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January/February 2018 Issue Highlights ( Issue #118)

  • Shirley Jones shares a harrowing tale of going aground in rough conditions at night, and the full-blown rescue that ensued
  • Boat cards out of old sails? Linda Hawke shows us how
  • Robb Lovell reviews the Niagara 26 and Rob Mazza offers a design comparison
  • DIY: Roger Hughes restores a RIB and Jerry Thompson demonstrates a new AIS app
  • Former C&C designer Rob Mazza shares his insights and recollections of his friend and former boss, George Cuthbertson, whom the sailing world recently lost
  • Gary Bratton tells how he lived aboard in Duluth, Minnesota, this past winter, and why—not a story for the faint of heart
  • Ed Zacko tears apart a failed seacock and shows us what’s what and what went wrong and why—you’ll be taking a closer look at your own through-hull valves
  • Plus a readers’ photo spread, a deck repair, a muffin fan, and much more!

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March/April 2018 Issue Highlights ( Issue #119)

  • Alethea and Erik Westover share a harrowing tale of how not to name your boat—a learning experience for all
  • Make your own shackle pulls? Jordan Snyder shows us how
  • Tom Wells reviews the Allied Princess 36 and Rob Mazza offers a design comparison
  • DIY: Robin Urquhart designs and builds an impressive solar panel arch and Cliff Moore demonstrates the benefits and ease of swageless-rigging terminals
  • David and Marcie Lynn together spill the beans on DSC VHF radio functionality that will have you signing up for an MMSI as soon as you can
  • Dan Spurr shows us the proven, no-nonsense approach to fixing a wet deck core
  • Drew Frye takes us through a comprehensive A/C install aboard Shoal Survivor
  • Plus a complete Vagabond 47 refit, a tale of two boys and no survey, the essence of a life, and much more!

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May/June 2018 Issue Highlights ( Issue #120)

  • David Arnold breaks down his refit of a worn-out Rhodes Robin catboat — or is it a sloop? Or catboat? Doesn’t matter, she’s really pretty
  • Ever sew a splice? Drew Frye shows how easy it is to do it right
  • Allen Penticoff reviews the Tartan 27-2 and Rob Mazza offers an interesting design comparison to other full-keel centerboarders
  • DIY: Joe Rosenfeld is back with another clever way to stow in un-used space — this time topsides — and Robin Urquhart shares a neat trick for drying line
  • Tom Dymond, while sailing around the world, confesses he really doesn’t know what sailing is, and when he’s doing it…
  • Great Lakes sailor John Gaich almost loses it all in a narrow channel before a bridge and shares what happened and what he learned
  • Drew Frye explains the ease and practicality of making storm windows
  • What’s prone to break or fail on a sailboat? Pacific Ocean passagemakers acquire good insight; Robin Urquhart surveyed a bunch of them and shares what he learned
  • A poem reminds a grandfather of why he fusses with good old boats, a couple shares best practices for spreading the sailing gospel, and more!

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July/August 2018 Issue Highlights ( Issue #121)

  • Fiona McGlynn anchors our coverage of the 2018 Golden Globe Race, and is joined by solo circumnavigators: Jeanne Socrates and Laura Dekker
  • To mark our 20th anniversary issue, friend and author Don Casey writes about our legacy, and founder Karen Larson recalls the Good Old Boat origins
  • Gregg Nestor reviews the Island Packet 26 and Rob Mazza offers a design comparison
  • DIY: Mike Litzow shows us a neat trick for repairing sails underway, one that requires no thread
  • Drew Frye re-glazes a hatch and Matt Koch installs an additional hatch
  • Charles Scott realizes it’s time to refurbish an aging dodger, and adds a hard top
  • Heart of Glass author Dan Spurr writes about the evolution of FRP construction
  • Plus a better chain-hook mousetrap and much more!

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September/October 2018 Issue Highlights ( Issue #122)

  • James Baldwin shares the beautiful and effective (and hidden) outboard mounts/wells he’s built on several classic sailboats (including his own Pearson Triton)
  • Drew Frye explains galled threads, and how to prevent galling
  • Gregg Nestor reviews the Cape Dory 30 MkII; Rob Mazza offers his design comparison
  • DIY: Tom Alley converts an icebox to a refrigerated space and David Lochner shows us how to make a useful wrench wrap
  • La Rata! Ed Zacko finds an unwelcome stowaway in Spain — you won’t believe the story that unfolds
  • Ann Hoffner downsizes to a 28-foot Pearson and shares what she learned
  • Sailing without seeing? Alexandra Ligouri has been sailing with blind crewmates and skippers for a while and shares this world with the sighted
  • Plus a refit, magic ladders, a first coral atoll, and much more!

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November/December 2018 Issue Highlights ( Issue #123)

  • James Baldwin is back with part 2 of his integrated outboard wells story—this time getting into the nitty gritty of how he does it
  • Drew Frye details his fantastic, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that cockpit grate idea
  • Joe Cooper reviews the Bristol 32
  • DIY: Tom Alley builds a new electrical panel from scratch and Robin Urquhart shows us how he dropped the rudder while the boat was afloat
  • Refit! Clay Watson makes a derelict Irwin 37 into something special
  • Robb Lovell finds aluminum makes his boat stronger and easier to maintain
  • Reclaimed teak and worldwide connections were the tools Glen Swanson uses to keep his 50-year-old sailboat afloat, and dry
  • Plus a DIY water filter, sharing the helm, a lifetime of good old boats, and much more!

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