Boat Designers, an inspired lot


Boat Designers is a collection of articles about the people who designed our good old sailboats 10, 20, 30, and more decades ago. The individuals profiled here laid a very strong hand on the evolution of our sailboats.



These designers were instrumental in guiding the design of our pleasure sailboats, step by baby step, from the wooden workboats or yore to today’s family yacht. Each time they added their own creative design elements the results were tested in real-life situations by racers and cruisers.

Under their pens and computer input devices, our boats became faster and easier to sail and maintain. Taken together, the designers we present here were an inspired lot who made sailing for pleasure affordable and available to middle class boat lovers everywhere. They have made our boats what they are today and they have made our favorite pastime what it is today.

At the end of this collection, we added a couple bonus articles. We simply couldn’t help adding the profiles of Lin and Larry Pardey and Hal and Margaret Roth. These two cruising couples and the good old boats they sailed over the years have also made a significant contribution to voyaging under sail.

Over the years, we’ve enjoyed editing and publishing these articles in Good Old Boat and being part of the dialogue that followed. We hope you’ll enjoy reading this collection as much as we’ve enjoyed gathering the articles for you.

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