Sails: All types for large and small sailboats


Racer or cruiser, weekender or daysailer, big boat or small, there’s something in this collection for every sailor. Sails — in their many types and configurations and all the lines and poles used to manage them — have much in common. When you page through this collection of articles addressing the technical side of sails, we think you’ll agree.

All articles were published in Good Old Boat magazine beginning with our first issue in 1998 through the end of 2015.



Poets have addressed the beauty of sail eloquently over the years. This collection of articles instead addresses the technical side of our sailboats’ primary source of propulsion.

You can’t have a sailing magazine without discussing sails and their management. Our authors offer advice on buying and making sails, roller furling versus hanked-on sails, riding sails, staysails, club-footed jibs, Code Zero sails, light-weight mainsails, dihedral twin headsails, rollaway square sails, junk rigs, and spinnakers. We go on with winch and block maintenance, selecting and taking care of boat cordage, and repairing sails in paradise. We did not forget articles about sail trim, downhauls, whisker poles, reefing lines, and mainsail tamers such as lazy-jacks, the Dutchman system, and building your own StackPack-type system.

There’s something here for every sailor. We hope you’ll enjoy reading the accumulated experience of many sailors sharing their wisdom about their sails. All that and they haven’t even begun to touch on the beauty of sail. We’ll save that for another collection of articles by sailors for sailors.

This collection includes 36 articles in 138 pages.

Complete downloadable file is approximately 35MB


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