100 Life-Aboard Tips


We started this almost on a dare. Could we come up with 100 tips for sailors? We began posting these tips on Facebook and Twitter. But what about “the rest of us, those without Facebook or Twitter,” some asked. This is our reply. A free collection of the tips we posted. We hope you like them.




Early in August 2015, we posted the first of our Life-Aboard Tips on Facebook and Twitter. The goal was to post 100 tips. Anyone can come up with 100 good ideas for sailors, right? Well, yes, but you’ve got to have a lot of friends! Apparently we do. Thanks to your input, the last of our tips was successfully posted just as February 2016 rolled to an end. Some of these tips have accompanying photos. Some do not. Some are focused on reusing materials aboard a good old boat. Some are about safety. Some are about convenience. Some are just plain fun.

When we asked you, our readers, for your tips in a Press Gang News message in late December 2015, we heard from the non-Facebook folks among you who wanted to share these tips, too. We promised an e-book with all the tips compiled … and here it is! Thanks for all your contributions and your continued support of Good Old Boat.


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