This isn’t so much a review as an announcement and endorsement. After all, how does one review a cruising guide except by using it for extensive cruising. (Humm . . . that does sound like fun, though, doesn’t it?)

Due to the many changes in the waterways, shore-side facilities, navigation, electronics, pollution regulations, and Homeland Security regulations following 9/11, Don Launer has just revised his A Cruising Guide to New Jersey Waters, originally published in 1995. This book remains the only book dealing exclusively with the navigable waters of New Jersey.
Don, a Good Old Boat contributing editor, holds a USCG captain’s license and brings many years of experience as a skipper of small boats to his nautical and historical guide to his home waters. If these are your home waters, or if you’re on your way there, don’t sail without Don’s cruising guide. It might be almost as good as having Don there in the cockpit beside you.

A Cruising Guide to New Jersey Waters By Don Launer (Rutgers University Press, 2004; 256 pages)