Inside Our March/April 2024 Issue

  • In this “Smaller Boat” issue, we get an in-depth look at how one crafty sailor turned the hull of a classic Thistle into a capable beach cruiser
  • Read an endearing story about how twin 10-year-old boys breathed new life into a Montgomery 12 with the help of their dad and grandfather
  • Go for a test sail of a C&C 25, one of many sleek racer-cruisers the boatbuilder turned out in the mid 1980s
  • Learn what happens when an outboard failure and no wind tests the limits of a $99 “unlimited” towing policy
  • Experience what makes the beloved Fatty Knees 8 such an incredible tender for cruising
  • Plus: Make stern seats for your cockpit, transform your galley’s oven and stove, find out if a composting head is right for your boat, and a whole lot more...

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