Todd Duff’s novel is a thrilling adventure revolving around human trafficking, boat theft, international intrigue, and drug cartels. Though fictional, the book is based on several real stories of human trafficking. This gives a sharper edge to the story.

The characters are dangerous people operating in exotic locations. Brice Cannon and Juliet Sparks are an indomitable team of marine investigators, whose misadventures have landed them in some tight spots. But when they are brought on to locate a stolen sailboat, we realize they may be in over their heads.

This story involves the daughter of a U.S. Senator, traffickers from the British Virgin Islands, and sex-slave hostages aboard a 62-foot catamaran — all of them sailing deeper and deeper into the jungle rivers of Colombia.

Is escape from the clutches of an enigmatic cartel king pin possible? In a setting of corruption and moral ambiguity? As our protagonists struggle to keep their cool, you’ll be guessing alongside them: who is lying and who is trying to kill them?

The story tangles and twists over the bejeweled waters of the Caribbean, across Panama, and into the darkest regions of South America. It’s a non-stop adventure that’s sure to keep you guessing and just a little wary about that man sipping coffee in the corner of the cafe. You never know who is the spy, and who is the hero. This book is the first in a series — stay tuned for future installments.

Kidnapped from the Caribbean by Todd Duff (Seaworthy Publications, 2017)