You already know Ed and Ellen Zacko. Ed writes award-winning articles for Good Old Boat. Ellen is the smiling co-sailor occasionally pictured in those articles. Also occasionally pictured in those articles is any one of a few small stuffed animals. “The boys” are hams who like to have their pictures taken and have been known to sneak into a photo when Ed and Ellen forget to check the background.

Ed and Ellen have sailed all over the world in their Nor’Sea 27, Entr’acte, and the boys have been their cheerful crewmembers for much of that time, never more than 27 feet away from the action on board. It’s safe to say that they’ve learned quite a bit about voyaging, seen much of the world, and had many adventures.

It is only natural (isn’t it?) that the boys would wind up in a book about how they began their travels and hinting of journeys yet to come. The Adventures of Mike the Moose: The Boys Find the World is for children of all ages, 4 to 94. It’s a short book loaded with excellent illustrations by Robert McKeon.

I hope I don’t give away too much of the plot by saying that one of the boys, Mike the Moose, starts out alone when he leaves his moose herd in northern Minnesota to seek the world under sail. He is not sure what it will look like when he finds it, but he joins forces with Charlie the Bear (of the teddy type), Baby G (a friendly gorilla), and Spanish-speaking Bori (who resembles the Gingerbread Man). A few mice stow away as well.

The boys learn a thing or two about sailing and share with readers that it’s fun to explore, to make friends, and to seek adventure. It’s a positive message delivered by four furry friends who will capture your children’s hearts, your grandchildren’s hearts, and perhaps the young-at-hearts of all ages.

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The Adventures of Mike the Moose: The Boys Find the World, by Ellen and Ed Zacko and illustrated by Robert McKeon (Pomona Club Productions, 2018; 24 pages, $19.95)