It’s quite possible that no one else has had a life quite so rich with adventure and exploration as Lin and Larry Pardey. These are people who are absolutely comfortable wherever they may be, whether on land or at sea. This is a good thing, because they’ve been just about everywhere there is to go on land and sea.

Over the years, the Pardeys have been encouraging and reminding the rest of us that our own lives can be just as rich in experience. For several decades they’ve been telling us how to make our own remarkable memories. With their newest video they show us why. This is a magical movie full of beautiful cinematography and compelling stories of the relationships they developed with the people they met. If you don’t get up off the couch and get going after watching Cruising Has No Limits, there’s probably no hope for you.

This 74-minute video is so well paced and the images are so luscious that an hour and a quarter passes in a blur. I usually read a book or watch a movie only once, but I will watch this DVD again. I want to make sure I didn’t miss anything. It’s that good.

Lin and Larry share some of their greatest moments in a lifetime of great moments. This presentation is filled with their contagious attitude and philosophy of life. If you go somewhere as a couple, rather than as part of a cruising crowd, as they remind you, you will get to know the people and learn about the culture. And if you’re not in a hurry, if you have no set agenda, the most miraculous things will happen.

These sailors left Taleisin in the care of someone else for seven months while they traveled thousands of miles in primitive areas of Africa in a 4 x 4 truck. They camped with the Kalahari Bushmen. They spent time in a sculptors’ commune in Zimbawe’s northern reaches. They traveled from water hole to water hole in search of African wildlife. And they recorded exquisite images of the people, the scenery, and the animals they found there.

After leaving Africa, they stumbled upon and then spent the next eight months among a group of Brazilians who had built their own fleet of 29-foot sailboats and dreamed of sailing the world. They were adopted by a group of Galway hooker sailors in Ireland. This encounter led to their purchase and refit of Thelma, a 100-year-old beauty who also shows up in this video montage of the life and times of a cruising couple with no boundaries and hearts as big as the world they explore.

This DVD will speak to anyone. You don’t have to be a sailor to embrace these world travelers and to appreciate the life they lead. Get a copy of Cruising Has No Limits. Its simply awesome and inspiring.

Cruising Has No Limits a DVD produced by Lin and Larry Pardey (; 2008; 74 minutes)