Derrick Hampton seems to want to be another Jimmy Buffet but that’s okay. The world needs more talented singers writing about sailing, and the sun is always over the spreaders somewhere . . .

Most of the ten songs on this professionally produced CD are about getting to, sailing around, or relaxing in the islands, which is an idea rather than a fixed geographic location. The images invoked by “A Sail and a Song,” “Shades of Blue,” “Humidity Stupidity,” and “Open Waters” are of sun, sand, and warm oceans: “I’ve been thinkin’ it’s time for an adventure / Headin’ out into the open sea / I’m tired of this long dark cold cold winter / I need some warm relief and some company.”

A different tack is taken by the song “Between the Devil and the Sea” about the HMS Victory sinking in the 1840s, and “Honor among Thieves.”

This is a CD you’ll want to have on as you admire the sunset off Antigua with a cool one in hand and a warm lady nearby; or, alternately, while snowbound in the Midwest to keep up your sailing spirits.

Life Down Here (CD); Derrick Hampton, Performer/Songwriter; RocDoc Publishing