garden hose connector

Edson Marine clearly has an eye for what the market needs, adding to its products a garden hose connector fitting made by Banjo, one of the best-known manufacturers of this style of fitting. It’s an industrial-grade, cam-lock fitting made from glass-reinforced polypropylene (like Marlon through-hull fittings) that uses a pair of stainless steel lever cams on the sides to clamp a lip on the male end to a thick, EPDM gasket recessed in the female part.

These are the same design as fittings I have used in chemical plants for 40 years; they are the industry standard for good reasons. They are rugged, fast, and drip-free. There are no O-rings or washers to lose or replace, and they aren’t proprietary—the cam and groove profiles are standard and fully interchangeable with the same type of fittings made by other manufacturers.

If there is a downside, it is bulk. The fittings are prone to snag when dragging hoses (but snagging won’t hurt the fitting). If additional security against accidental opening is needed, run a cable tie through the lever rings; this is a common industrial practice.

These fittings are rated to 100 PSI, well above average municipal water pressure. With regard to UV degradation, they should perform as well as other UV-resistant fittings. I know we left fittings like these out in the sun in refineries for years and it didn’t seem to cause any damage.

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