quick-release clamp

In my experience, quick-release fire extinguisher mounting clasps are cheaply made and easily broken. Bungee cord can solve part of this problem, but it eliminates any quick-release capabilities. A better approach is the Davis Instruments Quick Fist all-rubber, one-piece clamp. These clamps will not corrode and are easy to mount with #10 bolts or screws.

After mounting the extinguisher, I cinched the clamp tight and cut off the excess on each strap. The single clamp holds the extinguisher like a vise. To release, I give a quick tug on the securing band and the extinguisher is free.

The clamps come in two sizes to fit a range of tank diameters. The smaller model is advertised to secure cylindrical or oblong objects 7/8 inch to 2¼ inches in diameter, such as boat hooks or dinghy oars. In practice, I found these clamps able to tightly grip only objects in a narrower size range, from 1 to 2 inches in diameter. The larger model will hold objects measuring about 2½ inches to 7½ inches in diameter. The company claims the larger clamps can even be used to support dive tanks.

Davis Instruments advertises these clamps as being made of transportation-grade rubber. I asked Niels Kisling of the sales and marketing department what this means. He said it’s a rubber that holds up better outdoors, one that doesn’t seem to dry up and crack in as short a time period as other rubber products. He said transportation-grade rubber “may have something to do with UV inhibitors or specially formulated rubber.” I suppose only time will tell.

For more information: davisinstruments.com