Dogwatch Good Old Boat's Digital SupplementDogwatch (n): For sailors, either of the 2-hour watch periods between 1600 and 2000;

For journalists, the period after going to press when staff stand by in case breaking news warrants a late edition.

Volume 2, No.6

Photos by the Singlehander

On-Deck Camera Mount

Singlehanded sailing and photography don’t always go together. Throw in some brisk wind, maybe a tender boat, perhaps no autopilot, and capturing the moments and scenes on camera can be a real challenge.

As a freelance writer for magazines, I’m often in need of good photos of specific subjects, and sometimes these photos can be captured only while under sail. Sometimes I’m sailing alone. Sometimes my hands or I need to be in the shot. I’m always thinking of solutions.

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News from the Helm Mail Buoy

News from the Helm

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Identity this SailboatPut it to the Readers

By Michael Robertson

Apparently, there is a new prescription drug being advertised on TV (surprise!). The commercial for Eliquis (click here to watch:) is the typical pharma commercial, heavy on good-feeling lifestyle imagery. In the case of Eliquis, this means sailing on a lake with a backdrop that looks like paradise. Multiple readers have contacted us over a period of 5 months to ask if we knew what kind of sailboat was featured in the commercial. We’ve tried hard to figure it out.

At 00:33 in the video, the sail insignia is clearly shown and appears to be T1105. Then, at 00:38, we get a clear shot of the outside of the cockpit coaming and it appears to be some logo we can’t identify, then what looks like the Tartan logo followed by 1105. But none of that has allowed us to identify this roughly 24-footer with a small cabin and transom-hung rudder.

And so I put it to the readers: Can any of you identify this boat, definitively? And if you can, how did you do it? We scoured

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Book Reviews

A Drop n the OceanClick the book title for our reviews of the following books:

Erebus: One Ship, Two Epic Voyages, and the Greatest Naval Mystery of All Time
by Michael Palin
(Greystone Books, 2018; 352 pages)
Review by Rob Mazza

Fun With Sailboats
by Peter Brennan
(Page Publishing, 2018; 152 pages).
Review by Chas. Hague

Poem of the Month

Poem April 2019The author said that he wrote this poem, “while sitting on Vilano Beach, Florida, watching a trawler fight its way through rough seas into St. Augustine, just after sunset. I first wondered what kind of idiot was out there in that, but I gained respect as I watched the vessel carefully pick its way in past the breakwater, often disappearing into the wave troughs.”

I sits and I sits
I sits and I thinks
And the waves
come tumbling in

With toes in the sand
A drink in my hand
The waves still
Come rolling in

The ships sail out
The ships sail in
And the waves
Keep meandering in

The sun goes down
The moon comes up
And the waves
Come crashing in

The buoys blink red
The buoys blink green
And the waves
Keep thundering in

The stars come out
The world goes dim
And the waves
Come steadily in

Everything changes
Nothing’s the same
And the waves
Don’t care

–John Fox, who owns a 29-foot Hunter (pictured) that is not yet seaworthy (not since he bought her). But summer sailing in Maine is on the near horizon, as just last weekend he fixed the engine exhaust elbow and reckons he’ll leave harbor and raise sails once he gets the parts he needs to reattach the transmission cable.


Sailor of the Month

Sailor of the Month

Seventy-six-year-old sailor Jeanne Socrates is our Dogwatch Sailor of the Month. As we go to press, Jeanne is more than halfway finished with what will be her second solo non-stop circumnavigation aboard Nereida, her 2009 Najad 380. She is currently the oldest woman to solo circumnavigate non-stop. When she finishes this trip in roughly three months’ time, Jeanne will be the oldest person to have successfully completed a non-stop solo circumnavigation under sail. This photo is of Jeanne and yours truly, aboard Nereida a couple weeks before the 2012 start of her first non-stop solo circumnavigation. She’s as nice and down-to-earth as she is intrepid.

A sailor doesn’t have to (yet) be legendary to be a Dogwatch Sailor of the Month. Nominate a sailor in your life by sending me a hi-res photo of them sailing. Maybe they’ll be chosen! As always, I’m at