Propspeed sailboat propWe launched Christmas the first week of June 2019 and hauled her out late October 2019. This is our typical five-month sailing season on the coast of Maine. Before launch, I prepped the prop (which was removed due to shaft replacement) for an application of Propspeed, an antifouling treatment for propellers. As advised by the folks at Propspeed, I sanded the prop by hand with 80-grit sandpaper. A Propspeed technician visited the marina to apply the product, which is what they advised for this test. Propspeed appeared nearly clear and quite thick after application. It feels almost tacky to the touch, although it is quite dry.

During the season, the prop performed perfectly. There is no way to tell whether the coating enhanced performance, but it seemed particularly easy to reach hull speed under power this season. Toward the end of the season, when growth on the prop typically diminishes efficiency, performance was still tops, even in reverse, where growth really takes a toll.

At haul out, there was the usual growth on the hull and some minor growth on the prop. (To be fair, I hadn’t used the boat for more than a week when she was hauled out.)

After pressure washing the hull and prop, I inspected the prop, and the Propspeed coating looked completely intact with no voids. There were a few barnacles still stuck on the hub (easy to remove), but this seems to be an effective multiseason coating.

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