2004 (#36) May/Jun


Issue #36, May/June 2004.

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The May issue is packed with sailing goodies. For boats, we’ve got: the Watkins 29 and the Wild Wind 20 along with refit articles about a Westsail 42 and a 66-year-old Alden Woodie. On the technical side of things, there’s an article about rigging terminals by Don Launer, the design of the cabin dining area by Ted Brewer, and a piece on emergency tillers by Alan Lucas. Theresa Fort designs an insulated door flap for the companionway, and Ilana Stern tells us how to organize our wiring. Gerry McGowan replaced a fuel tank in the bilge, and Bill Sandifer tells about using moisture meters. There’s a 101-series article on steering systems and another piece on marlinspike seamanship. For fun we have a profile of designer Lyle Hess, another profile on vendor Yager Sails and Canvas, and an article about how to prepare your guests for a cruise aboard. There are several Cruising Memories pieces about old engines, new sailors, and the rites of spring along with the gorgeous photos of the surface of the sea by Roger Marshutz (have a look, you’ll see what we mean). What’s more? Simple Solutions about simple bags you can sew from screening material and creating easy cleaning solutions from everyday household products. Quick and Easy includes a useful tray for the cockpit, flag trailer guides for trailersailors, a way to make the spigot you need for your boat, and a neat bung trick. There’s always a bit more, of course. The letters to the editor alone are often worth the price of a subscription, not to mention the Last Tack and the Reflections columns!

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