Refit Boats 18- to 27-footers


Some of these project boats were originally free to a good home. Others, if they had a purchase price, didn’t break anyone’s budget. If you’re restoring or refitting a boat of any size, the projects included here are sure to stimulate your thinking and motivate you to keep working!



Small boats for young families, new sailors, and downsizers

As projects go, their smaller size of these boats means the work goes faster and doesn’t cost as much as a similar project with their bigger sisters. Once restored, these classics are heart-breaking beauties and the source of pride of many a sailor. A common, but nonetheless incredible, dream comes true when a sailor buys a sailboat in need of work and has the vision and skills to make that sailboat seaworthy and beautiful once more. At Good Old Boat, we call it “the affordable dream.”

All articles were published in Good Old Boat magazine between May 1999 and November 2015.

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