Review Boats 25- to 27-footers


Starting alphabetically with the Albin Vega, at 27 feet, and ending with the Yamaha 25, there’s something here for everyone! There’s a Bristol, a Catalina, and an Ericson. We have an Island Packet, an O’Day, and a Pacific Seacraft. The list goes on and on . . .



This group of 25- to 27-footers is a wonderful collection of capable racers and small-family cruisers. Although today’s manufacturers seldom build in this size range, preferring to make the bigger bucks that come with the sale of 40- and 50-footers, these wonderful boats last seemingly forever selling and re-selling as people start with a small budget, invest in their new hobby, maintain and upgrade their sailboats, and finally move along to the next size group when the family grows, the budget grows, or the wanderlust grows.

Buying one of these boats is a great way to get started. We hope you’ll find this collection of reviews to be informative and helpful.

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